Jananee Mohan

Jananee Mohan

Founder at Ananas

Jananee Mohan is a Permie with a design background from NIFT. She completed her Permaculture Design course with Rico Zook and Narsanna Koppula in January 2017, and her vision is to use design thinking to integrate non-linear small- scale self-sustaining systems that can transcend into larger patterns of community resilience.

She spent her formative years in her grandfather’s farm, who was a self-taught natural farmer and used innovative ways to integrate the inputs and outputs of his farm . She shares the same kinship as him with soil and all it’s faunal and floral diversity of a farm. She also firmly believes in extending principles of permaculture to all aspects of one’s life to achieve holistic well-being of the planet.

Growing up in Bangalore all her life, her goals are to work with small groups of intelligent and sprightful communities in the city to transition into meeting their urban needs more holistically, and to drive permaculture thinking into mainstream consciousness.

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