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Help Jhatkaa.org engage Indian citizens to hold their government, corporate, and cultural leaders accountable to the public. Join the movement to fight back against sexism, protect our environment and health, defend net neutrality, and stand up for human rights by donating to Jhatkaa.org today.

Jhatkaa.org has a policy of financial transparency and keeps its internal costs down with a small staff backed by a larger team of dedicated volunteers and in-kind contributors. Donations support our extensive campaign activities, in particular covering the costs of innovative communication and campaign technology that involve mobile phones and the web.

Please help us build a more fair, sustainable and equitable India!

About Future City Bengaluru

Future City is an immersive experience engaging the citizens in an ongoing conversation between the city, technology, art, sustainability, innovation and action.

About Jhatkaa.org

Jhatkaa.org is a citizen mobilization and advocacy group. We aim to create a progressive India – one that’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable – built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry.

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